New Changes are BAD(Beta)

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    Intermediary result of poll on diplo-changes.
    - 80% against the changes
    - 20% in favor of the changes

    Noteworthy: all the 3 players liking the diplo changes started playing less than a year ago (!!) ...
    So it is impossible that they understand - and let alone: master - the depths and variety of the game and probably never got to exploit the many factors which make/made this game great and especially made it stand out among its USA and Chinese competitors..

    In short: apparently only noobs & newbies are the ones served with these changes.
    And while still lacking any and all knowledge of the game, they now determine what should be in it and what not.

    How sad is this?????

    If this game goes down further on this road, what will be the difference with the many others?
    What would be the reason to play it?
    - It looks worse than competitors, so that is no reason to play it
    - It is slower than competitors, so that is no reason to play it
    - It is bugged more and slower fixed than competitors, so that is no reason to play it
    - It now lacks many options compared to competitors, so that is no reason to play it
    - It lacks the forceful marketing, so only few people will find it and try it and leave bc of the above

    The reasons to play this game and NOT a USA, Russian or Chinese competitor were:
    - the varied game play possible (in the past)
    - the depth and many layers (in the past)
    - the challenge to work out different answers to different threats and situations
    - the fairness of its set-up
    - the fact that it was like chess, combined with Civ: a true and pure strategy game, demanding some thought-effort

    Do the Deafs ....errrr... typo...meant: Devs....really think that if they undress the game and dumb it down, that it will get significantly more players?

    OF COURSE NOT! That will never happen for ever so many reasons of which I mentioned a few above.
    The attraction of this game is (was) in its DEPTH and VARIETY, attracting thinking players.
    The latter even used to be the hallmark of Bytro games.

    This game used to be a bit difficult on purpose, like the 'Making History' series of strategy games started out as an educational game and became one of the best (it was even as slow as CoW!).

    And now you start dumbing down your games?

    Bytro....what happened to you???

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    Do you truly claim to know all the little secrets this game had/has? After 1 year?

    I only discovered so many new ones after seeing through some other in the past 2 years....and that is years after I started playing s1914 and CoW...

    And it is this depth and variety that are bing killed off, while you defend that, but knowing half of them.

    A dumb game is not what I or others wan to play.
    There are many dumb games out there which I do not play.
    But those dumb games have a marketing budget which is bigger than the entire revenue of Bytro...I guarantee that.

    Again, feel free to dumb down the game again and again. Make it as dumb as the others. And see for yourself how well Bytro will do with this game after that.

    I still have a multi-player version of Making History somewhere in a box and will just enjoy myself with a few friends playing that.
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    How often did anyone meet an opponent with a super-stack?

    How often do backstabbers win games?

    How often were resources successfully hidden in the market?

    And the above were done successfully how often AND mattered for the outcome of the game?

    We all know the answer: AN INSIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF TIMES!

    Bad changes are what they are: bad changes
    Bogus reasons are what they are: bogus