New Changes are BAD(Beta)

  • Vamaw wrote:

    I actually used to make tens of thousands in the market by buying low and selling high. That was the best part of the market in my opinion. Now with the new taxes I can hardly make a hundred. I think the best way to reduce the amount of mults is to remove the browser version of CoW and make a standalone. There is a steam version but not everyone knows how to make a steam account.
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  • Going back to the so called Market Overhaul changes, I just started a game as a non-aligned nation (not in a coalition). After nearly a day, I thought to myself 'I'm overproducing certain resources, but underproducing others ... May be I should look for trading partners ... Oops! ... I can not trade resources with anyone because I'm not in a coalition!'

    Silly taxes and trade restrictions are killing this wonderful game! ...
  • The market is dead.
    I can't trade outside a coalition and I do not join a coalition often.
    My favorite fire setting (aggressive) is ruined and thus my main reason to have HC.

    In all my games I am short of steel.
    In all my games I have buy offers at 30/t ... for weeks. Unchanged. There is NO market trade.

    I am bored by logging into my three games once per day to give build orders.


    If this is an attempt to make me spend my GM on resources, dear Bytro, then that was a very cheap attempt to get me to do so.

    I have spend money with Bytro always on HC and cash on GM on and off for various reasons:
    - Bytro provided fair games which required some brain-input to master them;
    - if I would spend the time in the city, that I spend in this game, I would spend more;
    - I don't mind spending on a game that gives me pleasure;
    - knowing 1 GM of mine is worth 10-20 of the average goldspender and when someone was going really overboard, I would gladly match him with 10% of his expenses and still beat him (.... except once or twice, but at least I made his victory very, very expensive)
    - I remember well a S1914 tournament, where I knew GM was going to be flung around and the one getting the Winner Badge was getting nothing but a 'Certificate of Biggest Wallet'.
    Reaching the Final and getting the Finalist Badge was something else though ... if you did that with not too much GM. I remember I was testing some GM-spending tactics and my wallet was BIG, so - in an early qualification round I would win anyway - I decided to change the color of one enemy's country red just before reset, which was extremely funny .... and extremely expensive. Yes, I ruined his moral in all his provinces. Late game. That was real money If you are going to win with money, than not with a few extra cheat-tanks, but in style!
    After that early qualification, I did not spend a penny on the tournament and made the finals anyway (btw ... through diplomacy and diplo-trade and supporting allies with troops-trades ... all of which is no longer possible).

    So, all in all I have spend a fair amount in the past, including years on end the 12 months HC.

    Now I have decided:
    - to NOT join the next 6x speed event, which I really love. I don't feel like getting mobbed by some Alliance Coalition again, while I can;t trade with or support neighbors.
    - to NOT extend my 12 months HC (It is peanuts, I know, but it is not the about the money; it is about me not being enthusiastic anymore, after decades of enthusiastically playing s1914 and CoW)
    - to finish my 3 maps (Event: Free for all; Event: Endgame 1944; Historical 25) ... well, maybe not even al three; maybe only Endgame, because the rest is quite boring (just farming steel bc of a dead market and no more diplo-trades).
    - NOT to join any new maps, because I really feel bad, sad and pissed-off by the senseless mutilation of this once great game.
    - to spend my GM (but NEVER on resources; as said you fail on that attempt), so I won;t feel bothered by my stock, which was well over 160k a short while ago, when I should leave for good.

    I am taking a break from CoW and maybe for good. I am just too stunned by the recent BAD CHANGES to continue.


    Bye-bye my forum friends. Drop me a PM if Bytro reverts these BAD CHANGES or suddenly starts adding features ... instead of killing the game.

    (PS: I am trying out Supremacy 1 to see what it is like, because apparently that new game is the reason for the bad changes here due to coding blahblahblah. For now I can say that I see where this is leading: less strategy, more tactics, less options, more slaughter => more for 12 yrs old players. But lets see. For a while at least I can still be found there)
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    freezy wrote:

    Hopefully you will like the next features more
    As we already said, disallowing resource trade outside coalitions + taxing the market
    * killed diplomacy, because it forces everyone to play in coalitions,
    * killed all that was interesting and fun about trade,
    * killed to some extent unit choices, because players now know at day 1 already they will always research and produce only those units that match their start province resources.

    To sum it up, it removed player interactions from the game. Thus has taken the heart out. So it doesn't matter if we like the next features ("more") - just like it doesn't matter if we like the new limb or the new clothes of a patient who's heart has just been taken out. Because the patient won't live another minute without a heart - no matter what else you do with him. And that's what we're saying all the time: The game is dead now. D E A D.

    You're right you have no obligation to tell us how removing the heart can from your perspective improve longevity. But if you want us to think with you how the purpose can be fulfilled in a less destructive way - then you do have to tell us. Also if you want us to stick to what's left of this previously nice game.