How to win the Antarctica Map

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    • How to win the Antarctica Map

      How to win an Antarctica map

      Antarctica maps are not hard to win if you know how too.
      I want to thank @Edepedable for introducing me to this map and to give me some of his pinpoints.

      Aim of the game: Hold 4 labs for 3 days. There are 7 labs in total, no coalitions so to achieve the goal you have to do it solo ( or with the help of players that become your allies) It is challenging both economically, in warfare and in diplomacy because you are on your own. It's the ultimate map to see how skilled you are.

      Phase 1: Player VS AI

      This first phase is a bit boring but is very important

      1) Most players start attacking immediately head on. Don't the AI is too strong. They try to reach the lab first but lose their starting army in the process.

      2) produce exclusively artillery early in the game and defeat the AI with zero losses. While your opponents will be losing troops, you'll have the biggest army early in the game expanding slow but steady.

      3) Use the terrain to your advantage: there's a lot of hills and mountains: tanks are not the best unit for this map and commando's are indispensable. I went on infantry style only: lots of artillery protected with Anti Air, regular inf, motorized and mechanized infantry and commando's and at last Anti Tank too. Use the terrain smartly: for example commando's get a 100% fighting bonus, troops move slower in hills and mountains this means that your artillery can do more damage.

      4) Diplomacy is very important, work together with players in your sector to prevent players of other sectors to take the lab before you can. Many of them will go AI with the remainders you try to keep on good terms. Be friendly, give them a good gaming experience by giving them advice and sharing resources. They will keep your flank safe. But be ruthless when there are indications that they might betray you.

      Phase 2: Player VS LAB

      1) try to take the lab as first, it gives you a load of resources that will give you fastly the upperhand. Each lab is protected by RailRoadGuns so tactical bombers are really important to take them out before you move in with your troops.

      2) When you have two labs or so and your cores are fully build up economically (Industrial Complexes and infrastructure) build fortifications for moral and move your capital to one of the labs. The labs have usualy 3 IC use them to make your land troops closer to the front and use your cores only to build planes.

      3) You will get a lot of cash and resources when you take a lab. Use those resources to invest in your economy, to build more troops and use the cash to recruit spies. Your investments will pay off in the end.

      Phase 3: Player VS Player

      1) Put a player on peace in the diplomatic menu before he turns AI or you fight him all game long. You cannot make peace or ROW on Antarctica maps.

      2) most players will produce RRG for their interesting range. They discover the AI has them and produce them too. Other players see it in the newspaper and start producing them too. Don't join their race!!! RRG is the slowest unit in the game, is only twice as strong as regular artillery but costs a lot of recources and they have low hit points so they need to be well protected in a stack. They are originally designed as a defensive unit so don't try to use them in the offensive like other players do.

      Instead go full for interceptors and tactical bombers. There's little players on the map that use planes and it's stupid. Take in regard the terrain and you will see that planes are the fastest and most effective unit in this game. Your opponents don't have planes nor AA. I had 50 interceptors and 50 tactical bombers in 10 stacks of 5/5, a decent amount of artillery and a meet shield in front of it. I was unstoppable, even the few players with some AA and or planes couldn't match. Tacs are faster and have a bigger range then the RRG so it's all easy kill. Troops can't kill you when they cant reach you: Artillery is queen, Tactical bombers are king.

      Phase 4: The Endgame

      Once you have taken your 4 labs the clock starts ticking. Don't lay back once you have your labs but continue to attack the other players and try to take the labs that they own. They will gang up on you and try to take at least one lab. So if you acquire a 5th then you have one in reserve in case you lose one of your original labs. Keep attacking, conquering and killing until the last minute because you never know what might happen.

      GOOD LUCK!!!

      Must reads:

      * To get a head start:…t-vital-days-of-the-game/
      * Guide to artillery:…26427-guide-to-artillery/
      * Guide to air force:…ng-some-in-decent-damage/
      * How not to lose troops:
    • nice. well done. I like how you went from not knowing how to play the 40 to writing a guide about it in just a few months. :thumbsup:
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    • attacker101 wrote:

      nice. well done. I like how you went from not knowing how to play the 40 to writing a guide about it in just a few months. :thumbsup:
      It was Edepedable that gave me a bit advice and it wouldn't have been me if I didn't try to enhance it. My first game I almost won but I decided to give the victory to a player that was sponsoring the game. The second game I've won.
    • A great guide thats helped me a lot. Also I agree, so few people use fighters and tactical bombers, though they are so useful, that its ridiculous. Thanks for posting.
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    • Ryan04px2025 wrote:

      But don't you think you can attack less and do some "holding" during the time that you already took 4 labs?
      By continuing your attack you hold the initiative and the other players need to adapt to the game play that you are dictating. They will try to take away at least one lab but you don't know which one so you need to split your army to defend them all. Like Julius Caeser said "divide and conquer". Better keep attacking and taking another lab. In case that you lose one of the 4 initial labs it doen't matter as you will still have four labs.