Best War general

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    • Hard to answer of course due to the complexity of each situation and time. I think any discussion would have to include the following:
      1. Napoleon
      2. Julius Caesar
      3. Alexander the Great
      4. Genghis Khan
      5. Hannibal
      6. Zhukov
      7. Manstein
      8. Atilla the Hun
      9. Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
      10. Gustavus Adolphus

      Circumstance of course favors some more than others, and we can all think of generals who did amazingly well considering they didn't have as much to work with (George Washington, Robert E. Lee, etc). What if games are fascinating in these cases.

      Most sources I have read tend to favor Napoleon as #1 overall. Surprisingly, generals like Patton and Rommel are not rated all that well by mathematical analysis. Who knows what Stonewall Jackson might have done if he had been on the side of the north, or lived in a later time and was in WW2. What if Lee had accepted the position Lincoln offered him of leading the forces of the north? Fun speculation, but we will never know.
    • Europe (not in order):
      1. Napoleon
      2. Manstein
      3. Zhukov
      4. Frederick the Great
      5. Caesar
      6. Alexander the Great
      Asia (excluding the Middle East, not in order) (sorry, my knowledge of SE Asian countries is very limited):
      1. Genghis Khan
      2. Bai Qi
      3. Cao Cao
      4. Oda Nobunaga
      5. Admiral Yi
      6. Sun Tzu
      Africa (not in order):
      1. Hannibal
      2. Rameses II
      3. Shaka
      Middle East (not in order):
      1. Saladin
      2. Cyrus the Great
      3. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
      North America:
      1. Stonewall Jackson
      2. Sitting Bull
      3. Robert E Lee
      4. Ulysses S Grant
      5. Dwight D Eisenhower
      South America (I only know Bolivar):
      1. Simon Bolivar
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      "Giving up is not an option in war, for it proves one's incapability and incompetence as a leader." - Me (Little Racoon)
    • My personal favorite is Erwin Rommel, he was a brilliant genius.
      (I will take a bit of liberty here, going with Admirals as well)
      Rear Admiral Spruance was probably the best carrier admiral of all time.
      Eisenhower was also a brilliant leader, and a true diplomat.
      General Nightman

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      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."
    • Hannibal: To lead an army and it's supplies over the Alps knowingly that in those days the common soldier was affraid of the wrath of the Gods and extremely suppersticious. He started a war that lasted 20 years, he's the only General that has ever resisted the mighty Roman war machine for such a long time. With superior tactic skill he lured the the Roman legions in a trap. Of the 80.000 Romans more then 50.000 Romans were killed and 8.000 Carthagenians. It hasn't been until WWI with the invention of the machine gun two millenia later that a battle of this size with that many casualties took place.