Staff Introduction- Delby

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    • Staff Introduction- Delby

      Hello All,

      Some of you may know me from game, some from a few forum posts, but I'm a new English moderator. I've been playing on and off since mid-2016, but now have been running games for several months in a row this time. I have a lot of game knowledge to share and I'm also learning from everyone so feel free to ask me for help if you see me in-game or drop me a message.

      In the world out there, I'm a production engineer working on various products. In fun time, I enjoy PC games as well as board games and read manga/watch anime. Hiking, walking, and casual soccer (European Football for you non-US folk) are my go-to activities when outside.
      Trying to be helpful, If my answers are incorrect, please let me know and provide the right information.
      I am not all serious, will tag along for a joke.

      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh