Morale Manipulation

    • BMfox wrote:

      Theres still a lot of diplomatic options to work together with other players.
      The game was dumbed down again.
      Whether there are still options left is not the matter of subject.
      The dumbing down by restrictions and/or removing options, however, is.

      And...there is still no valid reason given for removing any options or implementing restrictions.
      The reasons given are nonsense and any defense of those nonsense reasons has not yet provided any grounds to change the minds of any long term player.

      This game and its developers are on road of destruction, instead of enhancement.
      Keep dumbing down the game.
      The fastest way forward is to implement my suggestions:
      - 1 human player per map (so everyone can be a winner)
      - Player can only chose his country and than AI takes over from him (so the dumbest player can't even mess up)
      - Restrict the top 3 economies from building until they drop to below 3 (so even AI can't profit from a strong economy)

      However, if Bytro wants to stand out in the crowd of strategy games (which they do with both s1914 and CoW), than it it should consider why people play this game and not one of the many, many other games out there.

      Conversely, if Bytro keeps dumbing down the game, they will ultimately reach the level of those many other games and then they will simply go under for all the reasons I already provided.

      Bytro is NOT a mainstream game publisher. Has never been in these many years. Simply because they will not ever be able to manage that.
      However, they are an excellent niche player, providing that extra depth and variety that makes their games stand out.

      If the wish is to play with the big boys in the market, Bytro will first have to grow some hair on its chest, save up a few gazillion Euros and then go for it.
      But killing the attraction of this game before they did that, will lead to disaster.

      If I were Bytro, I would exploit my niche and not even want to go mainstream. Bigger revenues doesn;t mean more money in the bank. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and.... pawned it.