Elite units, transportation, AA Part I

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    • Elite units, transportation, AA Part I

      IMO, the following should be implemented for a more consistent and realistic play:

      First off, the production of paratroopers (hereinafter referred to as "AIR") should be 18 hrs (lvl 5 IC) with an introduction of a special center called "Jump School" (buld time of 24 hrs) of which one such center would be allowed (capable of being rebuilt in a different location just like the capital). In order to build a Jump School there needs to be a barracks (lvl 1), an IC (lvl 1) and an air base (lvl 3). In addition there should be the intro of an air transport unit. This unit would be researched with its speed and range similar to other air units, research of it is required for research of AIR (just like rockets and rocket fighters). It can only be built in lvl 3 air bases. There would be no need to research AIR past initial research, its strength and speed would be dependent upon research of infantry units. AIR units can perform multiple jumps but require an air transport unit for each jump. The range of an AIR unit is solely dependent upon the range of transport units. Only AIR units can be transported by plane (exception: see Commando units below.) AIR units are "unloaded" until boarding a transport unit and thus can move by ground fully operational.

      Commando units, like that of AIR is currently way out of sync with realism. Just like AIR they can be transported by air transport units, they are considered "jump" qualified and may perform multiple jumps. A special production center is required such as "Special Forces School" (build time 48 hrs.) Only one such school is allowed capable of being rebuilt per capital rules. Requirements for a Special Forces School are a lvl 2 barracks, lvl 1 IC, lvl 3 airbase, lvl 1 Naval. Build time for a commando unit at lvl 5 IC is 72 hrs. Unlike other units, they have the ability to be transported by existing naval units particularly a submarine unit. Commando units are very small. very mobile, stealthy infantry units. They cannot capture a province, but can hold a province already under control. They can enter into provinces undetected, reducing the morale of that province and undetected unless there is an enemy unit "stationed" (ie not moving) in that province. In addition if only a militia unit is stationed within the province it will not "see" the Commando unit and will change allegiance if the province rebels. A commando unit can undertake economic and military sabotage operations. It will also increase the morale (above 1oo% at times) of units that it is stacked with. It can "unload" undetected from a submarine unit. It is not a strong unit due to its size and can be easily eliminated when alone. They should be expensive to produce and time consuming, thus they are not to be thrown into battle by themselves.

      Railroad guns and anti-air units will be discussed if enough interest is expressed.

      best regards,
    • Ole Swampy wrote:

      Commando units are very small. very mobile, stealthy infantry units. They cannot capture a province, but can hold a province already under control. They can enter into provinces undetected
      Really like that idea. I've been advocating for a stealthy landbased unit for some time now, and the proposed limitation make it balanced. This should be a day 16 research unit at the earliest tho.
    • helmuth.moltke wrote:

      Like your idea about paratroopers. Whereas i would favor to have an additional research topic air transportation similiar to sea transportation. With higher level the air transport would get faster and have an increased range.
      That's what I was referring to in reference to researching air transport. There would actually be an air transport unit that would be designated for carrying paras and commandos. Their range and speed would depend on the level researched. Their defence would be close to zero and without interceptors escorting them they would easily be shot down, cargo and all by enemy air and aa.
    • VIRVCOBRV wrote:

      Ole Swampy wrote:

      Anyone interested in my ideas concerning RR and AA?
      Shoot away, more suggestions is always good
      RR would require infrastructure in a province in order to move, thus if a province has no infrastructure the gun cannot enter it. This is IMO much closer to reality.

      AA units that are moving do not defend against enemy air unless they are sp-aa. A regular AA unit would be "packaged-up" and thus ineffective vs air while moving.