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    • The Event Tab

      So, I've came here to suggest one thing that I've wanted to do way before but it wasn't as annoying as it is now, so here I am.

      So, I've been playing the Swift Strike event for a while now, and I've entered war with Communist Russia because they had moved their ships right by my city that would produce battleships, so I had to get rid of them one way or another as the player was (and still is) inactive. After a while and after losing some troops and my 1st battleship they disappeared and so I thought they went away.
      Thing is, they didn't. Over the day I would make more troops and a second battleship and wonder why did they suddenly disappear, and so I would check the events, but problem is because there were a lot of other unrelated events and the current "Unit Lost" event only lists their identification tag (or something, don't know what it'd be called), I couldn't tell if they died, or if other unrelated troop died and I just missed them while looking at the map as I didn't know the identification tags or ever bothered to read and remember them.
      So, over the day, I lost yet another bit of troops but still didn't notice and only now, that I have made my third battleship (which is about to be destroyed btw), that I have noticed Communist Russia still had their ships right by my city and there were even more ships now, and I was continually losing troops to them because I wouldn't log in time to see ships there nor would the "Unit Lost" events tell me anything useful, and so I have wasted a good amount of resources, money, manpower, and last but not least, time, in special. So, to prevent that situation from ever happening again, I'd suggest that:

      - the Unit Lost event also list the time, location of where the unit got destroyed and also the types of units involved;
      - divide the types of events into more tabs, such as "Buildings", "Units", and "Battle", for example.

      Those changes would have easily prevented that I continued to lose more and more units simply because I couldn't and didn't want to stay playing all the time and so I had no idea of what was actually happening.
    • Complete details of unit names and locations have always been listed in the newspaper. The short summary in events is designed to be brief, while the newspaper lists things in more depth. Filtering the newspaper by "myself" is generally the easiest to keep track of.
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    • The important bit of info is the battle LOCATION. I'll know what was there once I find it.

      Location is given in the WH Political report when the last unit of a stack dies so can find the location in this case. Losses from a stack not fully destroyed are added to the Economic report but not always and these never give location. Many times WH showed fewer losses than actual. Usually happens when multiple losses from one battle round but sometimes no report at all and no way to determine location.