Guide to Spies

    • Guide to Spies

      The Proper use of Spies can be very important to your country.Wars have been lost and won by knowing what your enemy is doing. In this guide we will look at the classes and types of spies, the basics of hiring spies and how to use your spies.

      Basic of Spies:

      Hiring a Spy:

      First, click the espionage tab. This is where you will run your intelligence empire. Click the province you wish to add a spy to. Then, towards the middle top, click "hire." This will hire one spy for the cost of a one time payment of $15,000.

      Choosing A spy: Choose the spy you want to use in the province by clicking the "+" button beside the type of spy you wish to use.

      Firing a Spy: If for some desperate reason, you have to hire a spy, simply click the "-" button to the spy you are currently using, then click the dismiss button on the opposite side of the recruit button.

      Classes of Spies
      There are two groups of spies: instant spies (gives you the report right after you place them, but cost gold) and regular spy (cost game money but gives you a report at the day change) and Conventional Spies. These spies are fairly inexpensive to use one by one, but the costs can rack up with multiples. They use cash daily, and cost money at every

      Conventional Spies:

      Military Sabotage Spies:
      Probably the most versatile of spies, these spies can destroy buildings, stall or slow production, and reveal critical share map data to you. At$4000 each, they are the most expensive spies to hire.

      Economy Spies:
      These spies are good for ruining a players economy. they destroy resources in a provinces, steal money from a players economy and decrease morale in a certain province but also cost $4,000 as well.

      Counter Intelligence Spies:
      These spies have one sole purpose: defending your lands from hostile spies. When placed properly, they stop your intelligence from leaking out and your factories from being blow sky high. While normally sucessful at stopping enemy agents, they are not always able to catch spies before they do damage. At $1000, they are the cheapest spies to

      Intelligence Spies:
      These reveal information about a target country. they show what buildings they have and are building (and can stall construction time), they show what units they are producing, reveals a players economy, intercept messages and even show troops positions around target area and might even reveal all armies. And even with all of this, they only cost

      Instant Spies:
      There are 6 instant spies, 2 intelligence,2 economical, 2 military. These use gold for quick results, but can
      bring a serious drain to your gold chest. They are a one time use item.

      Reveal Local Armies: this spy reveals armies in a certain radius of the spy in and out side of target country. so it won't reveal armies specifically in target country but in any country in the radius around it. Cost: 2,000 gold

      Country Information: gives you a massive screenshot of target country's info. reveals the country's:diplomatic relations economy spy placements intercept message factory positions production orders Cost: 2,000 gold

      Decrease Morale: Lowers the morale of target province by 10%. Cost: 2,000 gold

      Disrupt Economy: Destroy resources in target location and will steal money if spy is placed in city that does not produce any resources. Cost: 2,000 gold.

      Sabotage Building: destroys a random building (but never the capital) in target province usually by 10 or 20%. Cost: 2,000 gold

      Reveal All Armies: display all of target country's troop positions and movements! Cost: 9,500 gold

      How to Use the Spies

      Military Sabotage: Using military sabotage spies varies by the task you want them to perform.

      Reveal Map
      If you want to try and gain share map data, the best way to do this is to locate an empty province with no troops or buildings on it. Stack 3-8 military sabotage spies on that location; they have the best chance to reveal the map.

      Damaging Buildings:

      To damage buildings, you'll want to pick a city or a province with a specific building on it that you want to damage. Set at least 5 spies on
      the province, and wait for your work to take hold.

      Economic Sabotage: Pretty simple really

      Morale, Resources, and Money: Simply put your spies in the province you want them to affect. The more the merrier.

      Intelligence Spies: These spies are very specific, so be careful where you place them. You usually only need to use one.

      Building Info: Place them in the capital or cities.

      Troop Info: Place them on a province you suspect troops to be on.

      Counter Intelligence Spies: These have only one purpose:

      Placing Counter Spies: Studying a spy report can be helpful in choosing where to place spies. Place them in your capital, cities, and places where you have noticed spy damage, such as slowed production or damaged buildings.

      Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me or comment below.
      Special thanks to Attacker101, glen434 and EAthePorg for helping with this guide.
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."

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    • Very good outline on spy use. My use of them is usually limited until a game gets a couple weeks into play. With that said if you play solo against a few person coalition using the intel spy to gather their messages is extremely helpful in defeating superior numbers of troops. They often exactly outline their attack plan. Plus if you can beat them reading those messages is priceless fun.