How to Get Started as Mongolia

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    • How to Get Started as Mongolia

      Remember my guide on Tibet? Well, here's another one.

      Mongolia is the weakest country in the game, economically, militarily, and even diplomatically. However, one key advantage you have is that most - not all - of your neighbors are fairly weak too: the Soviets don't have a huge military presence in Asia, Manchuria's military literally sucks, China will likely be occupied fighting Japan, India is far away, and Xingjiang will probably need to fend of the Soviets or the British Indian forces.

      That doesn't make Mongolia an easy country, however: 4 industrial complexes, which is the same as Persia, one oil province, 2 food, 2 goods, one steel province (which will come back to screw you over if you don't act on that), and 2 rare material provinces. The plus side is that, unlike Tibet, you actually produce enough food to sustain your country. It's actually not all that bad. You have a stronger military than Persia by a mile, and a (slightly) better economy than Tibet.

      Now, where do you go from here?

      1) Build 2 industrial complexes immediately: one in your oil province, one on your steel. You have more than enough rare to cover it, and if you need more, buy some. It's still early game.

      2) Now that this is out of the way, build infra level 1 in all resource provinces if they don't have it already. This normally goes against my other strategies for any other country, but you seriously need to up your industrial capacity. As such, you gotta make some cuts in other areas. You'll thank me later.

      3) Produce a lot of militia units. You don't have a lot of research, and you don't have a lot of time: militias are produced the fastest in areas with industrial complexes, and you have some of the hilliest terrain in the game.

      3a) From here, you have 2 options: either A, you can produce commandos, which are still a viable option, but not as viable as Tibet, because your terrain isn't as perfect for the job. Option B is to produce Paratroopers as soon as possible: like militias, they gain a bonus in hilly terrain, and unlike Commandos, they have long reach, and can take cities in a snap. Personally, I recommend doing both, but right now, pick one and stick with it; it's what your resources can allow.

      4) Completely ignore Communist China. They produce virtually no resources, and they have a far stronger army than one initially believes. Really, they just aren't worth the effort. Instead, either head East into Manchuria, or head South into Nat. China. They both have a really weak military, and if you're fast enough, you'll catch them off guard. DON'T DO BOTH: You would risk opening a flank for Japan to sweep in.

      Unrelated Sidenote A) Speaking of Japan, try to befriend them, or the Soviet Union. If possible, both. Try to tantalize the massive powers by offering to be a buffer for the other, which can easily net them points while giving you one less flank to worry about.

      5) Don't even think about researching a navy until you are well into the game, and you have acquired some actually good territory.

      6) Keep aircraft research marginal; you have very little oil to start with, and you don't want to run out this early in the game.

      Unrelated Sidenote B) Remember your oil and steel? Yeah, time to build infra.

      7) As for tanks, see 6. Besides, your terrain isn't exactly the best for tanks: now, if you were nice and flat, like, say, PERSIA, then Tanks are a good option. You aren't, therefore you shouldn't.

      8) You could invade Xingjiang, or you could befriend them too: it doesn't hurt to have buddies.

      From here, keep going and win! It's not too difficult to get by as Mongolia!

      Thanks for reading!
    • Yeah, definitely, DON'T go to war with the USSR in the beginning of the game. Yes they have a weak military stance in the East but the West is a TOTALLY different story. You might be able to capture some land in the East, but the USSR will beat you in both troops and production and destroy you.

      Going to war with Japan is a little less risky but will be almost impossible to take all their land. They have very few ground units so taking land shouldn't be a problem if you move fast, but they have a MASSIVE navy. In total they have around 37 naval units, including 6 Battleships, with 5 of them in striking distance of Japan's mainland or a short jog away from it. They will destroy your units along the coast and if you try to launch an amphibious landing along their other coastal provinces (like areas along China, their mainland and the other tiny islands in the pacific), Japan's navy will utterly destroy your convoys.

      So basically, take his word and don't go to war with neither Japan nor Russia. Both will leave your military in utter destruction.

      this is a good guide with that all being said. good work and I will definitely keep this in mind.
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    • I'm playing with Japan now, I'm very cureous. A lot matters on the activity on the map. I have the impression that they all go dull after day 8 because everyone goes inactive. A lot of players that don't get the game mechanic are attracted to the historic 1939 because a lot of knowledge, buildings and armies are given at the start. Most of them just clash head on without any thought on troop specifics or terrain, don't invest in economy and go inactive as soon as they meet resistance or are under attack.
    • My experience is that 50% of the new players drop out within the first period with half of those never even putting in orders. In a generally open game about 25% drop at the first check of inaction, then another 25% and by day 12 there are only a third of players around and by day 18 the odds are that only those in a coalition are playing.

      My worst experience was a game a 25 player game with 4 players by day 6
    • It's not about the inactivity. Countries like Manchukuo, Mongolia, Mexico, Canada,... have a huge disadvantage to their big neighbors as they start from scratch. New players join the map, they see they don't have anything so they give it up immedeatly. Those countries need to be more playable. On the other hand South Africa has the biggest economy and could be a super power but it's AI. Please try to understand the logic as I can't.
    • Do not underestimate Canada as a gamble by a good player, speculating that the US player may not know what he's doing and will underdevelop his economy and ground armies ... Seen the Canadian player overwhelm militarily the US player in the last two games I finished (I got US this time, and Canada went inactive after I became one of top 3 players in VP count) ... 8)
    • As the US only has 6 troops in the US to start with so Canada can invade the US early. However the US is large has more IC then Canada and it will still be able to produce more troops to win the war. The only option for Canada is attacking the US with Mexico. If Mexico doesn't go inactive immediatly and isn't a noob of course.
    • Killer8282 wrote:

      I once saw a pro who was Mongolia declare war on BOTH SOVIET AND JAPAN and he won... without buying any gold... =O
      Say... I suddenly believe in reincarnation now.
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