Suggestion on culpit view

    • Suggestion on culpit view

      This moring I try to zoom in one of the unit attacking the other. I want to see the excitement of my unit beating up the enemy unit. But it limits to certain height.

      So is it possible to get to certain zoom, the last zoom is the culpit of the unit.
      For example: A interceptor plane- can see the sky and enemy plane. or A tactical bomber can see the city view and the bombing area. Tank can see the cool surrounding and our tank and enemy tanks, etc....

      I think most units can have a 3D culpit viewing. It would be very cool.
    • That would be awesome, sure, but take it from an amateur game designer: what you're proposing is really, really hard to do. It's super time consuming, super hard to implement in already running games, doesn't really add much to the game, and it would cost tons of maintenance time that could be set on fixing existing bugs. It's cool, sure, but not practical.

      Also, it's spelled Cockpit. Cockpit, as in the area of an air vehicle in which the pilot is stationed.