Spy Option - Influence Nation Reputation with AI

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    • Spy Option - Influence Nation Reputation with AI

      With new market "improvement" (Read... total and complete failure and breaking of something that worked just fine), to actually make it realistic, there should be a Spy Action that allows you to influence your own and other players reputation with that country.

      Obviously game mechanics already include reputation calculations used by AI's to issue "Trade Embargo" with players who's reputation meets a certain level. There should be a player controlled game mechanic that allows Real Players to manipulate that number.

      Eg. During WW2, both Europe and North America tried to influence South American countries trade relationships with each other. While USA was more successful with the Northern part of the continent, Germany made better inroads in the South. Brazil even contributed the Aztec Eagles fighter squadron to the Allied cause. None of those actions were voluntary, they were influence through propaganda and diplomatic pressure from both the Axis & Allied sides.

      So a Spy option to "Improve Relationship" of myself toward AI nations and "Damage Relations with target country" could be actions Spy's could take to make those changes. Improving relations so Trade embargo's are lifted or Wars ended sooner, or lower standing of my enemies so AI's stop trading with them.
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