Strange golg-prize after game ending

    • Strange golg-prize after game ending

      Game N: 9870539
      Username: 100jan1

      After ending I read this strange thing in newspaper:
      So, you see, first recieve 1800 gold whith 812 points, seccond 2285 (???) whith 85 points, and thirth 1784 (???) whith 84 points! Its strange, dont you think?

      I write to russian admins and what was ansew? See:…72c7655685958cb2ca7916211
      Translate: Why you think that is strange?

      I was explane why, and then I recieve this:…72c7655685958cb2ca7916211

      Translate: "Thanks for your contact. Developers are aware of this problem. We hope that it will be fixed soon."

      Its a realy bug? Computer cant counting and calculating?

      Or, thouse players are good friends of russian admins?
    • Without looking further into it, I assume you had formed a coalition.

      When you are in a coalition the game continues until the points requirement for coalition victory are achieved.

      As you were a member of the winning coalition, you received the coalition prize, which in this case is 1800 gold.

      Coalition prizes are always lower than individual prizes.

      If you had left your coalition and won as a solo person, you would have received the solo victory prize plus gold for each victory point.

      This is not a bug, this is the design of the game. You received the correct prize for winning as a coalition member. The second place player received the correct prize for winning second place.

      These are automated and not influenced by any support staff member.

      Additionally privacy laws prohibit sharing communications from support staff in public without permission of all the parties involved.
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