Elite AI Questions

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    • Elite AI Questions

      1. Does adding someone to a coalition who has low popularity bring everyone else in the coalition down? That seems to be the case in the game I am in.

      2. Is your popularity attached to your account so it carries over from one game to another?

      3. Will booting someone from a coalition who is low popularity bring others back up?

      4. Does this procedure work to keep your popularity high: a) declare trade embargo, b) wait for day change, then declare war, c) wait for day change, then attack. If so, can the declarations be a few minutes before day change, or is it necessary to wait an actual 24 hours?
    • Yes, I've read that thread. But here are some facts:
      1. In my current 100 player game, I started the game at 83% popularity. Don't know why it wasn't 100% or 0% or anything - it was just at 83% right out of the starting gate.
      2. I trade embargoed a neighbor a few hours before day change on day one.
      3. I added someone to my coalition who had a popularity somewhere in the 70's.
      3. On day two, I noticed my popularity had fallen to 74%. Then I did a few market trades of low amounts just to see if it would have any effect on my popularity.
      4. Just before day change on day two, I declared war on the neighbor. Then I waited until day change was over and then gave orders for attacking movements.
      5. Now as day 3 is almost over, I notice my popularity is still 74%. I just noticed the neighbor I attacked, who did not initiate any wars with anyone has a popularity of 21%.

      So I don't know how to explain any of the above. That is what stimulated my questions, plus in the thread you recommended and in other threads about the subject I noticed other players referring to actions they took in previous games as if it had effect in their current game.

      So I am greatly confused.
    • Popularity of your nation among elite AI can be looked up easily now, but little was known about what it is influenced by.

      Freezy has made available the following factors concerning popularity:

      Actions that improve your popularity with AI:
      - being enemy with their enemies
      - being friends (high diplomatic stance) with them and their friends
      - trading with them

      Actions that decrease your popularity with AI:
      - having peace or better relations with their enemies
      - having bad diplomatic relations or war with them or their friends
      - starting new wars without declaring them
      - when producing a lot of troops while already being unpopular
      - having troops in their country without right of way
      - getting your spies caught by them

      The weight of these factors and how they quantifiable influence popularity is unknown, currently.

      Source: forum.supremacy1914.com/forum/…p?thread/1747-popularity/
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