Multiple spies, one province

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    • Maybe.

      Spies are rather fickle, one is never sure exactly what they will do. Usually putting one or more spies on a province will increase the likelihood of them succeeding, not necessarily the damage they will do.

      But in general, yes, the more you send, the more damage they will do.

      Try reading this for more info:
      Guide to Spies
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    • With sabotage spies, each one is accounted for independently, so that more than one can be helpful.

      For example:

      military sabotage Spy #1 : has a chance to damage buidings, reveal armies, or take his pay and do absolutely nothing.

      Spy #2 has the same chance

      Counterintel spies have a chance to block either one.

      so multiple spies can each do 5 points of damage to the same building, or each do nothing at all. . .
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