Sleep time or game pausing

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    • Sleep time or game pausing

      This game is robbing me of sleep.

      I'm sure many of you can relate. When critical battles are taking place whoever falls asleep loses.

      Here is a suggestion that might enhance the game highly: When a game is created, the creator can assign it to a time zone. End of day would take place at midnight of the assigned time zone, the game would immediately pause for 8 hours, and at 0800 the next morning it would resume.

      For this to be helpful, the time zone should be prominently displayed as part of the game description when players are looking to join a new game. Players then could choose games that have their 8 hour sleep time at the time most favorable to them. You wouldn't necessarily choose a game with the time zone matching where you live; you would choose based on when is the most favorable time to you to take an 8 hour break from the game.

      Ahh, uninterrupted sleep at last. Or, no need to risk your employment checking the game during work hours. No more deep analysis of player profiles, diplomatic messages, newspaper postings, etc. to try to guess when they will be offline (Am I the only one?). No more trying to disguise your own habits...the benefits go on and on.