How can alliances challenge each other

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    • How can alliances challenge each other

      I am wondering lots of new things as im going through the Forum there so much to read should i read everything or just recent things how do i know which ones to read or not to read how do i know if they are good or not can someone please advise me.

      One thing i have been thinking about. How do Alliances challenge each other i see some alliances have wins and losses how can i or my alliance do this as well.

      I have to ask i will sound dumb i understand most things to do with the game but with the forum i dont really know what im doing right now. So is there any chance a mod or member can help me with learning on this forum and help me with the game too because i want to do the best i can and enjoy the game as much as i can.
    • It's pretty easy to challenge an alliance, follow the steps below:

      1. Click the alliance tab
      2. Find the alliance you want to challenge
      3. Click "challenge"
      4. Create the map from the tab that opens
      5. Wait for the other alliance to accept the game

      Now, you probably should talk to the alliance officers and leaders to setup a date, time, who will be playing and if their even willing to play. Communication is vital in such things.
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