Stock Market Sell Option won't work.

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    • Stock Market Sell Option won't work.

      I was trying to sell food through the stock market, and it wouldn't let me sell the correct amount. When I click on "Add a Sell Offer" it opens the popup, but it says I have 736 food, when I actually have 8,512. I wan't to sell 2,000 food. When I try to sell the food for more money, it decreases the amount of food that I am able to sell. If i change from selling food to metal, then back to food, I can sell 746 food. I can do this over and over again. I have tried refreshing the page, signing out and signing back in. I have tried logging in on a different computer. I have tried different operating systems (macOS, Windows 10, ChromeOS) Please fix this bug.
    • I am frustrated by the same issue. So, as I understand it now, the fee must be paid BEFORE the sale of the resource; that is, the fee is NOT taken from the proceeds of the sale.

      I suggest that the fee be taken from the proceeds of the sale.
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    • The real point ( I assume) was to prevent players from hiding resources and cash in the market from their enemies. they would do this by placing resources in the market (for free) and then once the repelled their invaders re-claim it.
      For the IRL explanation of this, every auction house or international market, always charges a fee up front to sell merchandise or resources on a global scale, as we are doing in this game.
      For why should they invest their time and money up front, to work for another?
      you can always sell small increments, as you build up cash, your purchases will increase in volume.
      as this is not a bug, I shall be moving this thread over to suggestions, where the developers will be able to see your concerns. and apply any changes they see fit