Stats Not Added to K/D

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    • Stats Not Added to K/D

      I'm currently playing a 22 map, Game 2835919.
      I'm winning very steadily against the AI in my game and I was receiving good stats added to my k/d.
      But then, suddenly I stopped getting units added to my killed ratio.

      Now, you may say that I am fighting normal AI, but this is not so. Only Elite AI gets on boats, sails up my coasts, lands right next to my capital and has to be fought off with planes.

      Any help would be appreciated.
      General Nightman

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    • With elite AI, here is the way it is supposed to work:

      Any unit that you kill counts for a ranking point.

      Any Active Human owned unit that you kill will count for your statistics vs human players K/D ratio

      Any AI or Inactive owned unit that you kill will count for your statistics vs AI K/D ratio.
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