The Veterans Federation

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    • The Veterans Federation

      The Veterans Federation is a union of 7 cooperating alliances, which include: Veterans Corps, Federation Special Platoon, Veterans Battalion, Veterans Alliance, Independent Federation Brigade, Election Federation Riflemen, and Old Veterans Company.The whole Federation has more than 100 players ready for mutual help on the maps. Alliances represent different levels of experience in the game, so everyone can find the right one for themselves, regardless of whether they have just started their adventure, or are already experienced and would like to play advanced sparrings and tournaments.The federation gives each member the freedom to devote time to play, which is also governed by individual alliances, and if it's time to take a break from play, vacation, etc., simply report absence to the board of the alliance.It is the responsibility of every Federation player to set up an account on the Discord written messenger. We require activity there to be able to keep in touch with the rest of the alliance and the Federation. On the other hand, the rest of the players are invited to the Veteran Federation's Guest Server, which is located on the same server as the official chat of the Veterans Federation, where we offer talks about CoW, help with the game, and inform about alliance and individual tournaments (prizes to win, so it's worth taking a closer look.)Our Official Discord server, and the Veteran Federation's Guest Server (same link)

      We run a channel on YouTube, where you can find general news websites, including sparring reports, discussing new in-game items, presenting the scene of Polish alliances, etc. The role of the commentator is led by Zimny Kuba (leader of the Special Platoon of the Federation), and episodes from the main series "Co you can hear the Cow ", they appear every several days on the channel. Cooperation on YouTube is established by the player MarcinGL1, who deals with CoW recording himself, but from the perspective of gameplay itself. On his channel you will find games from many maps and tournaments, presented with a professional approach to the case and a professional style of play. It is a channel that perfectly complements the information content of the official Federation channel. Links to both channels can be found below:Youtube Federation Veteran's YouTube
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