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    • Change ideas

      The game needs a change tbh and I'm talking about getting rid of most of the event maps because it's just a waste of space because within a few days 3 or 4 ppl will stay active and that's a fact and redesigning maps especially 1944 end game and the 25 player map by removing 2 players from Germany and the Soviets for end game and for the 25 historical map make the map much more bigger in size and add all the states with all the provinces in them for all countries and a little more roads add railroads for damn sure and change the number of infantry and industrial complex so we can build like 40 to 50 thousand troops a day depending on the population of the province so we can like fight with 6 million troops instead of having 5 in a stack so that would mean down grading the infantry by a lot and upgrading the armory and changing the lvl up system into something like an infantry tab where there are different types of infantry ones that have LMG's sub machine guns AR's and rifles all having different costs and stats but without having the lvl up system and same for the tank tab have a variety of Tanks not just one type of light tank and heavy tank it's so stale and ya gotta make the game more pretty add an option to start as any nation and pick a colour you want to use for your nation please don't ignore this thread and please comment on it to I need these ideas to reach the top dogs thx
    • The 1944 endgame map does need changing it becomes to imbalanced when players go inactive.

      The 25 player historical map literally covers the whole whole during the 1939 period I assume make it bigger means add more provinces, which I think would be a mistake seeing as it would drag games on longer and wouldn’t fix the problem you mentioned earlier where theres only 3 or 4 people active after day would only make it worse for the people who are still active

      But adding a railway to move troops across the country is a good idea but I think that’s what infrastructure is supposed to represent but it costs so much to put in every province

      But changing the infantry system to me doesn’t make much sense as it would still be same gameplay just different attack/defence values.

      The infantry unit is used to represent the standard foot soldier it doesn’t matter what gun you use a bullet will generally do the same amount of damage to another solider and the same amount of damage to armoured units. The current system represents this well as it is.

      The only way I’d like to see your idea implemented is if they made more detailed battles. Like zooming in to a city and switching to a city map commanding your troops through the streets securing buildings etc. That’s the only situation I could see multiple class of infantry being useful such as being able to use lmg soldiers to suppress fire or place snipers in buildings.

      But I can’t see that happening

      That’s just my opinion anyway