Release Notes 2019-10-01

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    • Release Notes 2019-10-01

      Attention, Generals!

      While we are working on the next big things for Call of War we also managed to fix some bugs with today’s release. Yes we are working on some new features for Call of War and we will share some more details about what is coming soon, but for now here is the overview of all fixes included in this release:


      • We added Victory Points to provinces in dominion szenarios to avoid random winners, in case a game round reaches its time limit and no user was able to win yet. The player with the most Victory Points will win now.
      Bug fixes:
      • We resolved an issue that prevented members of the High Command to challenge another alliance when they had already reached their monthly game creation limit.
      • We changed the minimum price for offers on the stock market back to 1 and resolved an issue that prevented creating an offer on the stock market when entering an amount of 3 money or lower as the price for the offer.
      • We resolved an issue that caused New Games being displayed in the My Games list when switching between the two in the Games List section on iOS and Android.
      • We fixed an issue that prevented the Home button from working on iOS and Android devices.
      • We resolved an issue that stopped clouds from being displayed on the world map.

      We hope you like these new updates and bug fixes and wish you all the best on the battlefield!

      Your Bytro team
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