AI Joining Coalitions

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    • AI Joining Coalitions

      So with the relatively recent change to make Elite AI the Normal AI and just having Czechoslovakia spontaneously grant me Share Map in a 1932 10 player game, I got a thought: wouldn't it be cool if AIs could apply for your coalition if you're friendly with them and are the leader of one (or even them creating coalitions themselves!)

      Sure, it could be very mildly annoying for some people, but I personally think it would be a nice addition and would make the AI more interactive, plus it would be fun to have your ally attack countries with you together and win the map together. Plus, if players don't want AI applying to their coalition, there could also be a "Disable AI Applications" option if you're the leader of your coalition, which would prevent AI from applying to your coalition.

      The only major problem I see for giving AIs the access to coalitions is in the case of a Coalition Victory in which one of the members are AI. In that case I think it would be safe to just exclude them from the gold given to each member after victory calculation, so that they don't get any gold (because of course they're AI and can't use it).

      What do you think?
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      Zippofish wrote:

      I think it would be great if the AI nations would go to war with each other. You get stuck in a map and everyone goes inactive but 1 or 2 people and it just becomes a turkey shoot.
      If you are the game admin, you can cancel out players that are way inactive and put in new ones so that the game would not be stuck. You can also retire and get gold if you reached a certain amount of days.
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