Gifts of Gold $$$

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    • Gifts of Gold $$$

      We often hear that revenue is a BIG issue with the game design. Here is a suggestion to help drive that revenue from another game design (I believe it was Imperia but not sure).

      About two times a year: Christmas/New Years for sure and one other time they have a Gift Program that works like this:

      Within your team/alliance you can buy 'gold' with real dollars and it is given to another player directly PLUS as a bonus a 10% or something equivalent is given to a second player.

      It would also be a nice way that a team could buy High Command for other players which would make a nice gift.

      This has the effect of bringing money into the design, allows players to help other players who may not have the finance support, and from a long term process introduces some of the uses of the gold to other players well beyond the small amounts done with achievements which might help build the cohesion of a team/alliance.

      This works great with a simple design addition of a Gold Diet in a game where you limit the use of Gold to a certain amount in a game/ which would also act to answer a constant stream of suggestions over the years to have the ability to restrict gold in some way.