Sitting convoys

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    • Sitting convoys

      New player and I have a country that has 3 transport ships parked by my coast, is this a ploy to bait me into attacking him? 1 transport has 20, and the others only have 2 each. I feel as though he is provoking me to attack. What is the best way to deal with this scenario? I believe I have the firepower to take him out, but wondering what this ploy consists of beforehand. Thanks
    • one game I don't think they even where planning on using some troops to naval invade, just reinforce a base (but they were going through the strait of Gibraltar, which was MINE) , as EZ Doolittle stated, the result was the same as if they were going to attack me though,=. I sent out destroyers, to well, destroy them. so yeah, if you got the navy to insure they cant naval invade you I would go at them
    • The Mediterranean Sea usually has several convoys scattered about.

      Just keep in mind that convoys don’t actually identify the “contents” of the convoy and until you can get close enough to make the identification the convoy can be almost anything.

      Obviously in your situation (owning Gibraltar) this situation of identification is not applicable.

      However owning Gibraltar doesn’t mean you own the water surrounding it and as I mentioned at the start several countries will create convoys of units in the Mediterranean area. And so while it is always best to prepare defensively for a potential invasion, if I were invading the UK (assumption being made here) Gibraltar would no be my starting point since doing so would immediately require that I had to invade Spain or Morocco in order to expand elsewhere.

      Of course if game is much further developed / advanced then entire last statement most likely is an invalid one.
    • If their not already gone, I would use subs or destroyers to sink them. Any convoys that come that close to your waters deserve to be sunk or bombed to death.
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    • Get a sub, and look around it. If there are any ships (cruisers, battleships, destroyers) near it then they're probably baiting you into attacking them, or protecting the convoy. If it's the first scenario, then I'd get a bunch of naval bombers and destroy the convoy. If it's the latter then I'd get a bunch of naval bombers..and destroy the convoy. I wouldn't let anyone I don't know stay that close near me.
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    • If you say a random convoy with a question mark means not enough information. It could be a battle ship, a submarine, you don’t know until you patrol planes
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    • the person in question for the Gibraltar incident had been at war with me for a few days but we made peace after nothing happened, so me seeing 2 light tanks heading my way made me make a maybe unwise decision but I did give them a message saying they had to move them or they would die, I gave them 10 minutes so they probs weren't online, then I think I posted something in the newspaper so everyone saw they had a warning and a chance to change the course of the convoys,
    • You better blow them up. Or find a country they at war with and have them blow 'em up. Or tell them they got 30 secs to order their convoy to move, or you will take necessary action to protect the liberty of your people. I had a country put a lot of troops on my border once, so I ordered them to remove them or I will bomb their country out of the game, cuz at the time I had a large tactical bomber fleet and a larger strategic bomber fleet. So they got so scared they remove them, cuz they didn't want no smoke.
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