How does game administrator replace inactive player?

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    • How does game administrator replace inactive player?

      Just started a new game. In the newspaper, I see,

      "Additional Game Rules

      This round of Call of War has the following rules active:

      Minimum activity period : 2 days
      (Specifies the time after which a player is taken over by the AI and can be replaced by the game admin.)"

      Been game administrator in a few previous games. And I was never told how to replace an inactive player. How does game administrator replace inactive player?

    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      Game host admin functions are only available in player created games, not the system generated ones as far as I know, unless they do work in system generated 22's that are not tutorial mode games.

      There is only one option: to kick all inactive players and make their slots vacant. (note that inactive players are already controlled by the AI at the moment they are declared inactive)

      New players may join a game in a vacant slot, providing that the game is still within the joining limits. Generally maps may not be joined after the 7 to 10 day mark (depending on map size) An exception to that is private games with a password.
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    • In case you are in a game with these functions enabled, click on your name/flag in the upper left corner and you will find a button for administering the game.
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