Commandos vs. Paratroopers

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    • Nice write up, but it ignores some of the greatest strengths of each unit.

      As someone mentioned, paratroopers raise havoc behind enemy lines. Scout a city with an interceptor to make sure it's empty of militia or AT. Drop a paratrooper in. Build an airport, fly in more troopers and leap frog deep into unprotected enemy territory. Paratroopers are especially effective in establishing a beachhead on the other side of a river or isthmus. I take it as a given that dropping them behind the line means they're likely be killed before I can convert them or reinforce them, but they definitely have their place.

      Commando make great infantry, but in my opinion, that's a piss poor use of their capability. They are far more effective as stealth units running wild behind enemy lines. I've taken the entire Eastern tip of the Kamchatka (over 8 counties) in 20 minutes by placing commandos in position ahead of time and stepping into the lands all at once. One minute it belongs to the other team, the next I have a beachhead in a mountainous area that would take days to travel, much less retake. I've taken a city, stepped out, let a huge searching army ride right by me and then stepped right back into the city. I especially like seeing a country that is going to fall, position my commandos in the country without taking anything as it's being conquered and then wait for the conqueror's army to roll past. They're a time bomb waiting to go off in a territory the conqueror is confident he's just cleared out.

      If you have a good player that knows what they're doing, they'll eventually hunt them down and kill them, but not before you've ripped their infrastructure to shreds. I'll take 5 commandos loose in an enemy's back field over 10 stacked up into one army any day of the week.
    • To start thanks for necroing a 3 year old subject. Lets start there, Commandos are no longer only able to be built in Capitals, also Paras have undergone some MAJOR overhauls in 3 years. Before bringing a 3 year old zombie back to life, you might think if it is worth starting a new post on the subject esp if the major part of the info is so out of date.
      "Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. I am less concerned about the later than the former. Space we can recover, lost time never." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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    • No rivers, just narrow strips of water separating land masses. The point is still valid, as are all the points I raised in my post, but I stand corrected.

      As for it being a 3 year old post, I didn't think about it and probably shouldn't have bothered. I was just sharing my thoughts on something I read, not realizing the forum police would come give me shit for it :)

      I'll be more careful in the future.