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    • Friends tab

      Hi, I just want to make a quick suggestion to add a friends tab. So we can keep track of people we met in game, but aren't necessarily in our alliance. Just for individuals we might want to play with, as well as an easier way to join their games.
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    • There is a wonderful free available and legal add-on for such a thing.
      Personally, I've been using it for years.

      With this add-on you can not only create a simple friend list, but even save many more individual details, about players and the game with them or about the maps.
      The data storage is even endlessly expandable.
      And the best thing about it >> this add-on works great also with other games.

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    • Vamaw wrote:

      It'd be a nice feature in the game, I don't know why they haven't already made this tho.
      I mean, you can write them on a book but using this way would be more convenient
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