Release Notes - 2019-10-29

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    • Release Notes - 2019-10-29

      Attention, Generals!

      We are very close to the point where we can share some exciting news about the next big update for Call of War! Until then we prepared the following release which allows coalitions to win game rounds after time ran out. We also fixed an issue that caused units and buildings to temporarily disappear.

      Read through the complete list of features and bug fixes below:

      • When a game is finished due to a timeout, the player or coalition closest to reaching victory on the map will win. Previous to this update only single players could win a round after a timeout.
      Bug fixes:
      • We resolved an issue that caused units and buildings to temporarily disappear in the production menu when it was researched or built.
      We hope you like today’s update! We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

      Your Bytro Team

      P.S. Get ready for the some announcements in the very near future.
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    • Morning I can not load most of my games now. I have 12 current maps. Eleven will not load, the one game that will open will not build units or buildings and troops will not take take commands (Game 2844320). Games 2818067, 2862715, 2879792 are a few that will not load.

      Do you need the whole list or is this enough?

      Thank you
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      Top 20 player
      Frontline Pioneer