[SlayR] The Federations Reapers

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    • [SlayR] The Federations Reapers

      The SlayR alliance is looking for an alliance or alliances to merge into ours. We already have one feeder alliance. We are currently ranked 109th in the world, we were higher but due to decreases in activity and summer vacations we took a break from challenges. We were ranked 95th after 2 1/2 months of existance. We are recruiting more to join the path to rank 1. Our requirements to join the main alliance at one point were the toughest in the world. Now its been pushed back a bit as we recover. Message me if interested in joining or merging. For a fast response message me ingame. We can discuss the details then. Preferably leaders of the alliance message me, but if you are negotiating on behalf of them it is fine. Please don't waste my time if you are not sincere. Thank You.