Ranking System Update

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    • Ranking System Update

      I'm sure that I'm not the only one who looks at stats to compare my play with those in game to see what I might expect from opponents.

      Current game system has guy rated 3,834,430 who earned 5 military points.

      Why would such a player still be showing unless he's currently in first game?


      Only players who have earned GOLD in a game (means they finished game as Active Player) no later than 3 months ago. If you were inactive longer than that, you would simply not show up in the ranking until AFTER the lowest ranked ACTIVE player.

      This would make Rankings more accurate. I enjoy watching my rank improve, but going through the first 3,810,000 or so inactive players was just anti climactic.

      If a player is inactive, and plays a game, they get ranked with active players once again and don't lose any points.

      Goal would be to make the Ranking System more relevant to games played by active players.

      Only problem I see with this is that it would be easy to see how many ACTIVE Players there actually are in game. if rank 15,000 has 25 points (newbie in second game) then player 15,001 has +300,000 points... we'd know that of the 3.8 million players on 15k are active.... and I'm not sure if the Dev's want that kind of info available.
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