Chat ban bug/accident?

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  • Chat ban bug/accident?

    Just realized, in trying to respond to a 'help' query, that I was banned from the chat in both CoW and Conflict of Nations (which use joint accounts). Not sure what I did other than that perhaps my shot gunning replies to several messages in global was misinterpreted as attempted spam. My brother looks at my games sometimes but claims he didn't say anything offensive either (?). Edit: responses to a similar thread advised the author to private message the mod, but I'm not sure how to do that as whispering only yields the same 'banned from chat' message.

  • if you were banned you should have received some mail you can access via the main page of Call of War labeled "messages". From there it will tell you how long you were banned from chat, why you were and who you can contact if you feel you were mistreated.
    Dante Bugler1

    EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh
  • I regret to inform you, that you have been banned from chat awaiting a name change. names such as you have chose are not allowed according to the Tos's you agreed too, when you created your account.
    In the near future you will be contacted by someone with the directions on how to accomplish your name change, and they will ask you to send them three possible names of which they will choose one ( so you have time to consider). then once an appropriate name has been chosen your chat ban will be lifted~~
    If you have not received the mail in due time, you may also send in a bug report, explaining the name change ban, and adding the three names you might wish to change it too