Skilled and Active Alliance Looking for Players

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    • Skilled and Active Alliance Looking for Players


      Personally, I have a 3.3 K/D ratio, I have personally won 74 out of my 87 games and am currently ranked 725th globally in the game.

      I am writing as the leader of DOMINATION Alliance, an alliance that is always playing at least 1 or 2 games together and since taking over leadership a year ago, we've won every map (mostly 100 player maps) that we've played together. Out of the 10 core guys, we have 5 recently joined players who seem skilled based on their stats and we're looking to fill it up the remaining slot with likewise players.

      We're constantly communicating throughout the game and work together based on starting geography, who has more of certain resources, etc. to trade, decide who should develop which units (for example, oil-rich players would build more ships and/or aircraft and develop the team's overall air and sea attack / defense strategies, or a player with food and manpower would spam certain units that counter our enemies units (sought out through our skilled process of getting intel on our opponents and seeing what units they have and what works best against them.

      We're also always very communicative over alliance chat (prefer that to in-game / unless you're sending a message for trickery) and we precisely time our attacks (or defenses) with swift and devastating success.

      Apply to DOMINATION Alliance by searching for us or finding my profile: Mongolian Hoard or leave a response and i'll send an invite if you fit the level of skill we're looking for.

      Sorry for the long read and thanks for your time.

      Mongolian Hoard