my opinion about the new changes

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  • my opinion about the new changes

    I don't know where to write this, so I guess this may be in the suggestions section.

    I think I have understood that the production of resources will be eliminated from the rural provinces and will be concentrated only in the urban provinces ... I think that this is crazy, because in the real world, the production of essential resources is found both in rural provinces As urban, I do not understand the need for this unnecessary change.

    On the other hand, having rural provinces with production of resources, adds some importance to the strategy in the invasion of provinces, even as I as an invader, although I cannot directly attack the urban areas of my enemy, I will cause damage by capturing the rural provinces with production. of important resources such as wheat and oil, but if all production changes to urban provinces, not only is there no strategy, but many players will avoid several rural provinces such as the bubonic plague.

    I think it is an absurd and totally unnecessary change, do you want to give importance to urban provinces? I totally agree, but I don't agree with the radical decline in the importance of rural provinces.
  • For at least the first test event of Cow 1.5 it is different than you have described:

    The same provinces produce resources as they do now.

    The factories that allow units to be produced may ONLY be built in cities.
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  • you can tripple rural province ressource production and double city ressource production, but city has already four times greater numbers without factories, then rural province. Also full upgraded rural province has less ressources then not upgraded city.

    May be if next step update go to productions debuff for annexed rural provincec to 50% while city stay at 75% debuff, so overall is rural provinces can be important. But without diferent debuffs is upgrading and defending rural provinces not really necessary.

    More dangerous change is money encome. now on day 1 +1000$ hour, on old maps it was almoast 3 times higher...
  • Last Warrior wrote:

    CEO has HQ in the center of Manhatten and Rome. It is what really count.
    So you're saying that the CEO's HQ produces the resources? Where do you think the resources are produced? Let's for example imagine a rice producing company that has a HQ in Hong Kong. Do you think Rice is produced in Hong Kong? No, it's produced in rice fields, like these:


    I don't know about you, but that doesn't look like a city to me.
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