New buildings idea: Clinic/Garage/Shipyard/Hangar

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    • New buildings idea: Clinic/Garage/Shipyard/Hangar

      So, as the title states, this thread is about the idea of four new buildings, which are clinics, garages, shipyards and hangars.

      Every troop heals a portion of their morale at day change, but that portion isn't a lot, so the process of healing them by solely waiting and not using them in attacks can be very slow, this is where my idea comes into play. The four buildings can repair their respective troops by using money and different resources, and then waiting for the time given, for example: the clinic will require food and money to heal infantry units and you will have to wait a specific time based on how many troops are in the clinic at the given time, what type of troops you are healing (more expensive units have to wait a longer time to heal) and how damaged they are, the process of healing them is subject to debate, but my idea originally stated that the time had to be around 6 hours per unit (if the unit is expensive, the waiting time gets longer) with the condition that the unit had 1% morale, and the higher their morale is, the shorter it would take to heal them, with the minimal time being 3 hours (waiting time also gets longer based on how expensive the troop is). The garage uses oil and metal to heal its units, the waiting time structure is similar to the one of the clinic, but a bit longer as tanks logically require more maintenance than infantry does. The shipyard uses oil and metal to heal its units, the waiting time structure is similar to the ones stated above, but being longer than the process of the garage. And lastly, hangars, they require oil to fix planes, the more expensive the plane, the longer the waiting time, blah blah, the process being longer than the one of the clinic but shorter than the one of the garage.

      The buildings have to be placed in city provinces and the units that are desired to be healed have to be sent to that specific city (planes have to be landed in the airport of a city province who has a hangar),to heal them, you have to enter the building's own menu, the way the menu looks and how it is accessed is a subject to debate, once the units are chosen to be healed, they can't be selected and redirected somewhere else until the process is done, though you can cancel the healing process and be able to use the units with only a portion of their morale healed.

      I didn't dive too deeply into this idea, but you guys can, most of what i've written here is subject to debate, hope you like the idea.