1.5 New Game Mode Needed

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  • 1.5 New Game Mode Needed

    After seeing the new 1.5 update and what it currently has to offer, I find my self enjoying the older style of game play while wishing some aspects of the 1.5 update would carry over. Such as no more war morale loss and the fact battles are shorter. Wouldn't it be nice just to have both versions of the game here as separate game modes? it would just be turning on/off features and adjusting resources which would allow both versions of the game to be updated easily. If not, can't we just call 1.5 another game set in another time? Sometimes making things more simplistic just makes everything worse. I've been playing this game since 2015 I believe, it kept on getting better every year, not sure how my feelings are about 1.5 update, but I know in my opinion and many others, we don't wish to see the older version go in any way, shape or form.
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