Quick Guide: SBDE

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    • Quick Guide: SBDE

      Quick Guide: SDBE

      "How much damage will this unit do?" A much asked question in Call of War, damage is a critical part of doing battles.
      Often, units are stacked to increase damage, and load down your chances of winning,
      Ever wonder why, even with huge stacks, you always seem to lose to smaller stacks?
      Enter SBDE, State Based Damage Efficiency, a mechanism used to calculate how much damage your troops will do stacked.
      In this guide, we will attempt to explain how to use SBDE, how to properly stack your troops to maximize damage and keep any eye out for well stacked troops.

      What is SBDE?
      SBDE, simply put, is how many troops you can put together in one stack and still do the maximum amount of damage.
      Imagine it this way.
      Say you have 8 rows of infantry, with each row at the same time. If you are in the back row, imagine how hard it would be to take a shot at the enemy. You can only see your fellow soliders up ahead of you, let alone the enemy.

      Below is a chart showing the maximum units of one type you can stack together to get 100% damage from your units:

      Motorized Infantry8
      Armored Cars8
      Light Tanks6
      Medium Tanks5
      Heavy Tanks5
      Tank Destroyer5
      SP Artillery6
      SP Anti-air6
      Mechanized Infantry6
      Tactical Bomber5
      Strategic Bomber5
      Naval Bomber5
      Aircraft Carrier3
      Railroad Gun3
      Rocket Fighters5
      Nuclear Bomber3
      Nuclear RocketNo Limit

      Using SBDE is easy, if you think about it. You simply stack together the maximum number of units you can, without going over 100% SBDE to get maximum damage.

      However, one part is easily misunderstood about SBDE.
      You can stack together multiple unit TYPES and still get 100% SBDE in your stack. For instance, I could stack together 8 infantry, 8 artillery and 6 tanks and still have 100% SBDE.
      SBDE only applies to each unit type.

      Why SBDE is lower than 100%

      You painstaking looked at my dictionary length guide. You've properly stacked all your units to the correct SBDE for 100% damage. Glancing at your stats, your horrified to see your SBDE is less than 100%. Why is this?
      Health plays a large role in SBDE, often decreasing your SBDE percentage, no matter how many troops you have stacked in there. A unit that normally has 100 men would not do as much damage when it only has 15 men left.

      I hope this guide helps, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.
      (The New 1.5 update may render this obsolete, but here it is anyways. I'll update it if things change.)
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    • Nightman thank you so much for this, I never really fully understood SBDE until today. Now, I know how to stack my units right and conquer the enemy! Thanks so much for all the hard work with these amazing guides, keep up the good work!
      Thank you for reading the post. Have a great day!


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