Version 1.5

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  • Version 1.5

    One of the improvements that I read about 1.5 was the upgrading of units.
    If I read it right, only 'new' units get the upgrade while all the older units stay the same.
    I think this is actually backwards and another tweak should be considered that would actually greatly reduce reseaching.

    I suggest that units upgrade automatically - with a few caveats and requirements.

    A unit upgrades to the next level after its creation and after a certain period of time. This would mean older units are more experienced and not newly created units because of some new building.

    Buildings for specific unit types would have to be continually upgraded in order for the units out in the field to advance to next level...hence you have to have a unit be experienced and an upgraded building for any unit to benefit.

    That means a newly created tank starts at L1 (takes into effect new recruits), even though your buildings say your tanks can advance to L4's...but after a specific number of days your tank (if it survives) upgrades to L2...then a few days later to L3...etc.
    This is also a good defense against gold users who can magically make L1 units but must wait several days for their units to get to the highest level while non-gold users may have superior upgrades will have a fighting chance.

    A heavy gold user who loses his L4 bombers and has to replace them with L1 bombers can...but just think of what a skilled person who still has his L4 planes intact will do to that gold user!