Suggestion for Transports

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    • Suggestion for Transports

      Developing transport units is not something I see many players do. With the exception of the speed of which the unit travels on water, the attacking and defensive strength doesn't really increase much, and it's simply not worth it. What WOULD be a big motivator for developing transports, is a reduced boarding/increased disembarking time .... now that would make it worth developing these units.

      so ....

      1) Speed of Travel - the increases currently are good - I see no reason to change this progression as research occurs - seems good

      2) The increased combat defensive capability - not enough of a change to be a factor and motivate anyone to develop this unit

      ADD ....

      3) Improved Embarking (Boarding) times and Disembarking (landing) times as development and progression occurs.

      ***There should always be a reasonably long time lag when disembarking, but maybe it goes from 5 hours, down to 1.5 hours through 4-5 levels of unit research.
    • BMfox wrote:

      Would be very usefull when playing with Spain, Turkey or UK for example.
      Yes, U.K. is literally an island. With 5 h of embarking/disembarking, your units will be bombarded/Artillery annihilated on the spot. It also gives enemies a lot of time to prepare. Does Paratrooper work in this case? Eg. D Day
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    • Here might be another suggestion:

      Like Aircraft Carriers, Transport Ships are limited to only so many troops per ship. A navy port can only embark 1 ship at a time, therefore if you exceed the maximum amount of troops allowed onboard, they must either wait, or go to a different port.

      There should also be a much greater benefit of embarking transports via naval bases vs. normal land. Think of a sharp cliff that drops down into the ocean, with ragged terrain, shallow waters. How are you getting tanks, airplane convoys, and people on a ship in such an area?

      Therefore embarkment should take very long on such terrain, but less time on provinces of urban areas or plains.

      Naval bases should really speed up embarkment.

      Picture this: A naval port with everything you need for embarking onto ships. Oil, workers, docks, embarking will be much faster.
      Now, how about a plain empty beach with a small dock for fishing boats. Little workers, little oil, and the time differs little from embarking at naval bases.

      Back to transports, limits may help prevent stuffing dozens of troops on. Also,

      THE MORE TROOPS you embark, the MORE TIME it takes. Embarking 1 infantry vs. 10 will differ greatly in embarking time.

      Feel free to make suggestions or criticize, this is only a concept. Thanks for reading!
      Thank you for reading the post. Have a great day!


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