Gold-less Game creation option

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    • Gold-less Game creation option

      Hi All,

      This was discussed in the chat for a while, and I think it would be a great idea to implement a fiar playing field for everyone involved in a particular game.

      This game is great. Really. I've been looking for something like this for a while, and if I had to make a one off payment in order to play it. I honestly would.

      The thing is that introducing payment schemes in a game like this upsets the balance, and reduces the need of skill down to how much you can afford. Granted this is actually similar to how things are in real life, but we play for the strategy, no?

      It would be great if we had an option when creating games to disallow the use of gold expenditure. I know the use of gold is the way the company makes their money, but I think the idea of it should be revisited.

      I know a lot of people agree with me here, but it would be good to open up the conversation and see how we can all fairly play this game as well as make sure the company meets their ends in order to keep this wonderful game alive.

    • The fact of the matter is people like a level playing field. Gold + pay for gold, introduces unbalance which dissuades people from taking a meaningful role in their actions. This I think is why a lot of people play for a while and leave. Not just this, but many other games also. True competition lies in starting at the same level and advancing from there (depending on your country of choice of course :)
    • EZ Dolittle wrote:

      would also like to see a gold diet option.
      Allow a certain amount to be spent each day,
      or allow a certain amount at the start of the game
      this allows the monetarization with reasonable limits and attractiveness.
      Gold diet will be great because it is wrong for the creators of the game to not get paid...
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