Guide to Planes

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    • Guide to Planes

      Planes are some of the best units in Call of War. They are fast, do a lot of damage, and are reasonable to build. Any good player knows the true worth of planes on the battlefield.

      Types of Planes:
      There are five types of planes in Call of War, each with their own specialties and weaknesses.

      Interceptors are small, cheap planes to build. They require only a level 1 airbase and an industrial complex to build. They are used early on for scouting, and, later, for defending against planes in the air.

      Tactical Bombers

      Tactical bombers are the main plane of Call of War. This is the unit that does the most damage against land units. This plane costs more materials to build, and takes a level 2 airbase and industrial complex to build. However, this is what will win you games.

      Strategic Bombers
      Strategic Bombers are specifically designed for destroying buildings, and scouting. They have incredible range, but fairly slow speed. This plane is extremely expensive to build, taking a level 3 airbase, tons of materials, and an industrial complex. They are best used to scout and destroy empty cities.

      Naval Bombers

      One of the best units in Call of War, Naval bombers specialize in destroying ships and submarines. Naval Bombers are the only unit that can spot submarines lurking around your coasts, and they are exceptionally good at destroying transports. This plane takes a level 2 airbase to build, so it is a good choice to go along with tactical bombers.

      Rocket Fighters

      The fastest air unit (excluding rockets) is the mentioned above, the rocket fighter. The rocket fighter is an extremely powerful fighter, with incredible speed. However, it's range is very poor, and it cannot be upgraded. It also costs a fortune to build and takes a level 3 airbase. It's up to you to decide if you need them.

      Tactical Bomber17501000400125070000Lvl 2 Airbase5
      Interceptor100075040075050000Lvl 1 Airbase5
      Naval Bomber1500750325125060000Lvl 2 Airbase5
      Strategic Bomber12501500325100080000Lvl 3 Airbase5
      Rocket Fighter10002504008004500250Lvl 3 Airbase5

      Using Planes

      After having built your planes, now comes the big question. How do I use them? Airplanes have two attack functions: attack, or patrol.

      Selecting the attack function allows you to pick one target to bomb. The airplanes will take off, bomb the target, and return to base and refuel, to being another round of airstrikes. This is good for selecting a single target when you don't want hit all the units around it, or need to quickly strike a unit before it escapes. However, planes are very vulnerable when refueling, and refueling can take a long time to complete.

      Upon clicking on patrol, a blue circle appears. Anything in this circle will be bombed by your planes. When planes are patrolling, every 15 minutes the bombers will bomb at 25% damage. Four patrol cycles are equivalent to one attack run. Patrolling is very wise when you at the edge of your range, and it takes longer to refuel and get back to the target.

      Transporting Planes
      There are two ways to transport planes: truck convoys and air transfer.

      Truck Convoys
      Truck Convoys are a slow, low health unit (25 km/h and 5HP each) that transports your planes across the ground to the next airport or city. These transports are vulnerable, they are easily bombed from the air, or attacked by ground troops. Sometimes you have no choice, as in rockets (they can only be transported via the ground) or if your airports are simply out of range. But the safest method is the next one...

      Air Transfer
      Air transfer is when your planes fly from airport to airport to get to their next target. When building planes, it is best to create a linked system so your planes can fly safely to their target. To build one, click on your plane wth the lowest range. Then, build airports so it can fly from base to base. If you do that, your planes will always be in range.

      Stacking Planes

      More is better right? And is what is better than one plane? Five planes. And what is even better than five planes? 10 planes stacked together. Stacking Planes is a very good way to increase damage and prevent your planes from being shot down. The easiest way to do this is to stack 5 interceptors and 5 tactical bombers together. (Beyond that, and you will run into SBDE issues, read this guide for more info: Quick Guide: SBDE

      One of the reasons this combo is so effective is range and speed. Keep your interceptors one level above your bombers, and you will always have the same range. Naval bombers and strategic bombers will not only slow your stacks down, but also limit your range.

      Defending Against Planes

      Attack by the air is a fearsome things. True accounts from World War 2 reveal the terror that all soldiers and civilians alike felt when being bombed from the air. The best way to defend from air attacks is your own planes, attacking your enemies planes or patrolling your planes over your units to protect them. But there are a few more tactics we can use.

      Other Planes
      Using other planes to attack other planes will always bring the best results. While some of the methods below will certainly help with diminishing damage on your units, air vs air warfare will bring total victory. The more planes you can pile into the battle is better.

      Attacking Airports

      All airplanes fly out of an airport, it's a requirement. Using rockets, strategic Bombers, tactical bombers, spies or ground troops, an level 1 airport can easily be put out of commission. When an airport is destroyed, the planes return to the province and turn into truck convoys, which are easily destroyed. However, planes can switch airports in range when they are patrolling, or returning/going to an attack run.

      Anti-Air Units

      Anti-air is designed to combat attacking planes by shooting flak at the aerial invaders. There are two anti-air units in Call of War: infantry Anti-air, and SP Anti-air. Infantry anti-air is quite cheap to build and use, and is a fairly good bargain to build, taking only an industrial complex to build. However, it is a very slow unit and vulnerable to almost every ground unit. SP anti-air is slightly more powerful than infantry anti-air but it costs more, and takes oil. It also requires an IC and infrastructure to build. It is a much quicker unit, though, and goes well with armored or motorized units. All units should travel with some AA.

      Regular Troops

      All troops do some damage against attacking planes. While they do not do as much as the AA, they still will deal a little damage against the attackers. Beware, this is no substitute for AA.


      Cruisers are the AA for the sea, doing as much, or even more damage than AA units would on the ground. Battleships, destroyers, submarines and transports are all helpless against naval bombers, and this unit protects them well.

      Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helps. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. If you'd like to research more tactics and methods with planes, please read up on the more advanced plane guide.
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    • Short appendix on healing proces of aircraft.

      Just as any other unit, planes heal 15% of damage at daychange.
      There are a few conditions to be taken in account for healing to take place.
      - Planes must be operating from an airbase based in your OWN territory.
      - They can either be flying or be grounded, that doesn't make any differene.

      Planes will not heal if:
      - They are operating from an allies' airbase
      - They are in convoy (either on sea or land)
      - They are operating from an Aircraft carrier.
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      Thanks for the guide general. But I'm not able to find the advanced guide. Could you provide a link?
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