1944 endgame

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    • 1944 endgame

      well i have asked and repeated myself over and over and over again but no one pays any mind to what i have to say i have criticized the 1944 map because of how broken it is in nearly every way no one is ever active i try messaging my team before the game even starts but never a response they never move there units and they never build anything it's just wasting my game slots i have asked to fix the random selection because people want a specific spot and i have asked to redo Germany and USSR because its impossible to win a match without west or center and Russia cant win if your the only one on your team there's no need to hand us your garbage i have joined to many of these and not got a single active match my favorite event isn't even worth joining thx for that developers hopefully in the 1.5 this changes if not i think I'm done with bytros games nearly every map is inactive but 1944 is the worst
    • I got into CoW earlier this year and have played 7 games in tutorial and I'm on my fifth in 39 map. I understand that 1944 Endgame consists of three teams (Western Allies, Axis, and the Communist Block). I may be interested in joining after I finish my current game. Out of curiosity ...

      ... Would somebody be kind enough to list all the countries for each team? ... ?(
    • gusv wrote:

      I got into CoW earlier this year and have played 7 games in tutorial and I'm on my fifth in 39 map. I understand that 1944 Endgame consists of three teams (Western Allies, Axis, and the Communist Block). I may be interested in joining after I finish my current game. Out of curiosity ...

      ... Would somebody be kind enough to list all the countries for each team? ... ?(
      should be noted this is based off of memory from like at least 7-8 months ago but the allies have the United States Expeditionary force, United kingdom and France.

      The Germans have the western army group, the southern army group the eastern front.

      The Soviets have the northern army group, army group center and southern army group.

      I probably got some wording wrong again that's off of memory but thats a general idea of what the nations are for each team.
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    • Michael,

      I have played this map once before and have just now started a new game in this map. I have not had the problem you have experienced. The first time I played this map, I was France. UK went inactive on the second day. U.S. though was very active with me. Army West went inactive on day 10. Army Center attacked the Russians and wiped them out. Army South didn't do much but stayed in the game.

      In the end, U.S. and I did not attack Army West, instead, we communicated and set a trap for Center. We baited him into bringing in all of his forces down a certain path and once there, we pounded him with over 20 Artillery from all sides. He lost his entire army. Not smart on his side I will agree, but it worked for us and we won the map.

      The game I just started, I am in Russia, Baltic Front. As it looks now, the other two on the Russian side are communicating with me. I have not seen any movements or had communication with the Allies. The Army groups have not made any moves despite me attacking Center.

      What I am trying to say is I have not had the problems you are describing. While I am not a big fan of this map, I joined just the same as it was supposed to be an event map at 2X the speed. While it may be an event map, it is at normal speed.
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      i played this twice. Both times it was absurd because of drop outs. I believe the game is grossly unbalanced if there were a full set of equal skilled games. However the high drop out rate kills us from even knowing that.

      We need to have another ranking for a player than just simple points for building and winning.

      We need a ranking system that ONLY looks at drop out rate. Playing a game and finishing it even if wiped out is worth a point or two and going inactive on a game is worth double that as a negative.

      Then in game creation you can set both a skill rank like now AND a determination rank so players that actually play are identified and can seek each other out for a more fun experience.
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      You should get gold if you have a high point like what you said. Yes, that will be great to have "Activeness point/scale"
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      I agree with having an Index of some sort regarding likelyhood of going inactive. It may have helped in the 1944 Endgame which I have played only once but found it both Challenging and Rewarding. My Alliance Leader played Army Group Centre and started with good units of Armour and a decent Luftwaffe, I had modest Armour and minimal Airforce but good Navy Units and ample Infantry Units. AG South started with Militia in abundance and used their modest other units to tear a path down the east coast of the Adriatic and tried to invade Egypt in vain - so went inactive. It seems each triumvate has a similar type of spread on 'inbalance' at the start and it is key to agree strategy. Had I played AG South I would have maximised the Militia strength in terrains best suited to them to prevent the UKEF or USEF (Expeditionary Forces) breaking out of Italy and I would have set designs on Egypt.
      Needless to say with an inactive member, the game was extremely challenging in the early days and after about the 2nd game week we had stabilised the situation. It was then quite frustrating having to retake all of AG South's lost provinces (after Italy had been cleared) only to see them return to ownership of the inactive player.
      [SUGGESTION: When (re-)capturing a Core Province of an INACTIVE PLAYER, the Core Province should be awarded to the recpturing Party (albeit as a non-core Province). At least I could have had the resource/production from it instead of it returning to an Inactive Player).}
      Finally, I can say this was the most challenging Coalition Win I have had and was glad to see 5k Gold awarded as a result. I think it is an awesome scenario but you do need 3 Active Players in your 'team' and to work out which is best placed to Attack or Defend or whatever. Inactivity robs you of that and undermines the whole point of the scenario, or so I think.
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      EZ Dolittle wrote:

      it was absurd because of drop outs
      Players going inactive seems to be a problem in all maps. It looks like many players get on a map, and it things don't go well in the early days they drop out. To reduce the amount of inactive players for all maps, I propose:
      1) Entry fee of 4.99 for 13,000 gold- the smallest gold package offered. Only serious players that intend to play for a long while would stay.
      2) Increase gold rewards at end of game to encourage people to stay all the way thru the end of the game, even if their chance of winning is minimal ... 8)