Higher Air Attack/Defense For Strategic Bomber

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    • Higher Air Attack/Defense For Strategic Bomber

      The level 1 strategic bomber in Call of War has only 1.5 attack and defense against aircraft. Though this makes sense, it is quite historically inaccurate. The B-17 Flying Fortress was known to have so many guns that a news reported came up with its name.
      As can be seen in this diagram, there are at least 5 turrets/guns on the B-17. These were known to be hazardous to attacking interceptors. In a 3-to-1 battle between 3 lvl 1 interceptors and 1 Flying Fortress, the bomber would probably win, due to its many guns. But in Call of War, though the bomber has 1.5 air defense and attack, this is not really as realistic as can be. The strategic bombers should be given at least 1 or 1.5 more points of air attack and defense, to make things more historically accurate and realistic.
    • Notice that you can only attack from the cheek gunner and top turret position when attacking units in front. That generally does not help fight against interceptors that are fast. But I get what you mean.
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    • I had looked this up a while back (had to do with WWII casualty rates)...

      Member of a Strategic Bombing crew was something like 50 times more likely to die when compare to an infantry man.

      In the Carrier battles of the Pacific, both USA and Japan lost 60-75 aircraft for every ship sunk when Carriers were involved.

      There was a reason they were called "20 minuters" (Black Adder episode)... 10 minutes of flight instruction, get into your plane and 10 minutes later your'e dead.... quite fitting.

      What really stands out though is how Strategic Bombers are NEVER used in their true roll since no one wants to destroy IC's.

      So making Strategic Bombers tougher against air units they will never see because no one ever uses them... seems unlikely to get any traction.

      Will have to try this in next CoW 1.5 Event.... Since getting manufacturing facilities up to a decent level is so expensive... SB's would wreak havoc on enemy ability to put out high level units if a Strategic Bomber Stack went to town on their key production facilities.
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