Bunkers and bunker reskin

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    • Bunkers and bunker reskin

      Hi i was thinking of an idea for the dev to add a new look for fortresses so we don't have the boring pentagon look and i was looking around for pictures and came across some bunkers we don't have which could really help players and the one's that caught my eye was coastal artillery bunkers and industrial bunkers and a nation like Germany with such a small navy compared to UK and France you dont really stand a chance and the coastal artillery would prevent the support from enemy ships destroying your bunkers for a successful invasion and for the industrial bunkers will store andprotect your food oil goods and so on from enemy bombing runs and things like ship attacks this would be a really nice feature and i hope it gets added and sorry for the horrible grammar
    • Yes and when you see it in the map, it looks like a baseball court thing. (Forgot what it is called.)
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