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    • Hello, just one of my really complicated questions. When an AI country did not declare war on me and goes to my province and I send a tank to meet them my just pressing the "move" button, will it engage when they meet? They are not in province centre point. What I am afraid is that without declaring war, they can just move right pass my units.

      The issue had been solved by the AI surprise attack me. Now I am at war with 2 countries. Nice coding! Since we already engaged, Thanks. BTW, it took 5 Tac Bombers 1 minute to destroy 2 Armoured Car and 1 infantry.

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    • A few games ago I had a 'friendly' human managed nation that I traded RoW and they went inactive after leaving a stack of 17 regiments in my territory ... When I removed RoW and changed relationship to peace, the newly AI managed country declared war to me ... I was able to prevail only because I had several stacks of 4-5 regiments around him (a couple stacks fortified- including some artillery) ... ?(
    • When a unit is moving on your roads without permission it will have to attack the first object it encounters, either the province center or a unit of yours. This will cause a declaration of war.
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