Useless paratroopers

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    • Useless paratroopers

      Well, I know that they are currently working full with cow 1.5 and graphic improvement, but here is another issue.

      To start, I will not speak without foundation, but in one of my last games I played it with the idea in mind of how to take advantage of the paratroopers and here are my opinions of the results.

      Paratroopers are useless, it's that simple and here are my reasons:

      1) 3 levels of technology to be able to form an infantry with statistics smaller than those of a commando, and for worse, it can only be produced in the capital, with this in mind, I see the paratroopers of levels 1 and 2, totally lower to the commands, therefore useless. and I will focus on talking about level 3, since level 4 is elite and not everyone can access it.

      2) The level 3 regrouping time is ... 10 hours ...
      ok ok ... I know that the paratrooper units must regroup to continue, but 10 hours? I can send to embark and then disembark a commando at that time and I still have plenty of time to win a fight on the enemy coast ...
      10 hours in game time are like months, almost 1/4 year according to my estimates of how game time progresses.

      Sincerely I find this point totally incomprehensible, the times must have been from the beginning about 3/2/1 / 0.5 hours respectively for each level ... otherwise I would have to go to sleep before I could move them again.

      3) The range in aircraft mode ... at level 3 is only 300km even lower than that of a level 3 interceptor (which I use as a reference to place my airports at an efficient distance from each other), I understand the idea, I shouldn't be too large a range or could be abused with them by jumping too far behind the border lines ..
      but a more prudent range could have been 350-400, so they could move better between airports and could already begin to consider them helpful.

      4) no option to land them or board them again in an air unit at an airport or allied territory ...
      I was under attack and I thought ... hey ... I have some paratroopers who could avoid them to defend X city ... but no ... nothing, just throw them to the center of an enemy territory and then wait 10 hours and then send them on foot to defend .. nice!

      5) I'm not sure since I only tried it once, when paratroopers jump into enemy territory, and it has defending troops, do paratroopers die instantly? That happened to me, I got distracted 20 min after throwing them and I knew there was an AT, nothing they couldn't handle, but when I came back I only saw the notification that they were destroyed ... I couldn't believe it.

      Well, these would be what I consider, objective reasons to call the paratroopers, useless.

      I hope that some mod will read it and find the meaning, I still accept comments from those who might think otherwise while having a good foundation.

      Cheers! :thumbup:
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