Can't create a game, Bad timing for next event

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    • Can't create a game, Bad timing for next event

      I don't understand Bytro most of the time.

      The only way this game survives is if there are enough games running or available for several different kinds of players. Now they have eliminated my ability to create one game a month and restricted that feature to High Command customers. Additionally, the next event, arrives on Black Friday and lasts 4 days which will run until Monday when we all go back to work. If it had started today, we could play while we watch football and eat Turkey and the earlier matches would have concluded on Sunday night...a perfect blitz weekend.

      Right now my only option to start a new game is the incredibly slow, 4 factory, resource-starved, boring 100-player map (crap rewards for time investment) or one of the smaller maps. I joined a 22-player map (non-tutorial) and I'm surrounded by FIVE level 1 players... :wallbash . I am burned out of the 50-player USA map (and the only one available just filled up). The "historic" maps are terribly unbalanced if you are not able to select one of the primary powers of WW2. Those are my only options today...wth?
    • Have you tried the tutorial 100 yet BB? 2x and more units like the tutorial, on the 100 map.

      I don’t think that American holidays are really on the calendar in Hamburg. Even if they are, would many people choose to start a game today on the holiday? Or simply early tomorrow while our families go shopping? Playing wasn’t on my agenda for the day.
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