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    • Increasing Popularity

      I am not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but I am having a major issue with the new elite AI mechanics. I am playing as the UK in a 25 man historic world war and have had 20 of the 25 players go AWOL. In the meantime, I have invaded a couple countries to expand the empire. However now, I just got declared war on by 12 countries in 2 days. And any country that is not fighting me is embargoing me. How do I mend relations and make it realistic that I will not have to fight every single country at once? It is very challenging to preserve territory in far away regions
    • Hello there a couple ways you couple try to mend your reputation one way is to give each AI nation right of way or a better relation, option 2 is to stop or slow down on wars and expanding. Option 2 is a decent bit harder so start off with the right of way and maybe trade more through the market. Of you want to read this short guide on reputation with elite AI made by BMfox: Popularity with Elite AI
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    • That is the consequence of playing aggressively - the AI players automatically hate you and try to take you out (even though declaring war on an active and prepared player is basically suicide)

      One way to increase your popularity is to give all the AI players Right of Way when the game starts. I always do this and it seems to work all the time. Sometimes, the AI will even return Right of Way

      Another method is to slow down your expansion rate. In one of my games, I took over three entire countries, one at a time. Since I did so slowly, nobody seemed to care
    • Yeah I have read in other threads that giving ROW does benefit your popularity if done so early in the game. However, I have played 60+ games and I have never run into this problem till now. I only conquered Haiti, DR, Siam, Iraq, and the Netherlands, and made sure I declared war each time, but once I began fighting France, and the battle had prolonged 5+ days, Literally 22 different countries declared war on me. And I have another 13 embargoing me. It came out of nowhere and everytime I log on, there is 2 new wars. It's a little over the top in my opinion. It makes it nearly impossible to survive a global war, without dragging out the server 90 days to get a solo win. I wish the popularity was not as influential in an AIs decision to attack, or if you had previous share map with a now inactive player, they could not flip sides and attack you instantly. Either way, I am trying to find a way to make peace with some of these countries, but it seems they will only keep attacking.
    • Might not be the best way, but I have found that going inactive seems to end most wars and if you come back next week you have Row with everyone again.

      Now I have not tried this in an extreme situation like you find yourself, so I can’t say for sure that will work

      Of course the other consequences of letting the ai sell all your food and build stupidly for several days need consideration as well.
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    • With the popularity factor, I believe that it would be very tough to win solo- the two times I've gone solo were because my coalition allies went inactive or got eliminated ...

      However, when you play in a coalition, you distribute the popularity factor amongst the whole team. And it always helps some if you embargo first the required hours (I wish it was 12 instead of 24, which slows down the game), and declare war later ... 8)