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    • Rocket Defense


      I have a small proposal that I think would make the game better. If there was a rocket defense system, that shoots your own rockets at attacking rockets? Or maybe have it be it's own unit like anti air, but with no attack (other than to rockets in flight) or health and moves extremely slow to balance it out. It could also be a one time use kind of thing. I just think that this would be a good addition to the game, but that's just my opinion and you are free to disagree. And yes, I am aware that missile defense systems weren't really a thing before Reagan.
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      Yes that will be great. Unfortunately, we only have rocket fighters. Since this is a WWII based game.
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      When GE used the V1 (Doodlebug - a Lvl 1 Rkt) against London and SE England, the Spitfire in a dive was the only aircraft that had a chance to shoot them down before their engine cut out and the stabiliser/elevator put the Rkt into its final dive to the ground. AA and Small Arms were tried but chances of getting a critical hit from the ground were close to zero given speed and height. So agree, as it is WWII Scenario, they had to be destroyed on the ground (or for the V1 their launch ramps destroyed.

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