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    • Private Historic World War Map

      I wanted to know if it's possible to have a private Historic World War map created for you in Call of War. In Skybadger's 1.5 video he had a private version of the 1.5 map. I'd like to be able to have a private map for testing different things, like trying to see how large of an economy its possible to get, or if I am able to build infrastructure in all territories. I'm aware you can create Europe maps with High Command, but these maps aren't large enough for my ideas. My Call of War name is GrandAdmiralEloc. If you can help me please let me know. As a note I found some old Alliance games back from when you could create private Historic World War maps, but due to them being an alliance game i'm unable to join, however if you want an id for one of the games I found here's one (2464360) Thanks!

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    • Private maps such as Skybadgers are set up for promotional purposes. If you can command a lot of internet traffic at your own site, then you can likely get a private map.

      Maps larger than 22 player are not possible to make privately at this time.
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    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      Maps larger than 22 player are not possible to make privately at this time.
      Are there plans to allow players to create maps larger than the 22 player map? I'm aware that players were used to be able to make the 25 player "Historic World War Map" but it was later removed due to too many empty lobbies. Maybe a way this lobby problem could be reduced is only allow a player to create the 25 player map every several months, (the smaller maps would still be allowed to be created every month, but the 25 player map would have a longer cooldown), not to mention, now only players with high command can create their own games, which is a small portion to the player base, meaning there are less private games already.

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    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      If you can command a lot of internet traffic at your own site, then you can likely get a private map.
      I could possibly make a forum post on the game, and show different things I do on the map and how I grow and expand over time. I don't have any of the equipment for making youtube videos so this is the best that I could probably do, but id'd be happy to do it. I could try to get the biggest economy ever and things like that.
    • One way to implement role play in a particular scenario is to ask developer to create a map where you have the option of joining one of two coalitions.

      For example in a 39 historical map you could join only one of two coalitions (e.g. either Allies or Axis). Perhaps 5 coalition members could be allowed and a minimum level required for membership to reduce dropouts (e.g. level 30). The Axis Coalition may be made up of Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania and Manchuria. The Allies coalition could be made up of Russia, UK, Nationalist China, US, and perhaps India

      A 1932 map (10 players) may also have two teams facing each other, perhaps based on geography (West- US, UK, France, Spain, Sweden vs East- Germany, Italy, USSR, Yugoslavia, Turkey)

      Wonder which one of the two would be easier to create ...
    • I like 'gusv' he is always coming up with good feedback.

      Does BYTRO even care anymore, revenues from this game must be very small considering Most All new games have a 75% average drop out rate by Day 6 to Day 8.

      You cant make serious Money with Participation Rates this low

      Introduce 'Gold entry fees to Enter some GOLDEN GAMES' might actually help to keep what Dedicated people are still left to remain interested in this CoW genre

      But the Newest Maps such as 'All Out' etc ... are Fatally Flawed anyway as it appears the World only produces 40% to 50% of the resources of the Original Maps. Why the heck did BYTRO reduce resource production by such a large degree ?

      Just seems the whole CoW thing is losing it's way